Hydrogen Drive Connection




Haul More, Further

Hydrogen fuel provides approximately 2 times the range of the highest range battery powered semi* ^

Decreased weight versus both battery and diesel semis is expected to allow for an increased payload**

Fewer drivetrain parts, requiring less expected maintenance than standard diesel trucks ^^

Quick Refueling

Hydrogen refueling may be completed in a matter of minutes, similar to refueling a diesel truck, which will limit vehicle downtime

No need to charge 30+ minutes, which may only provide partial range in battery vehicles***

An Integrated Supply Chain

Local production of hydrogen fuel is possible, allowing for increased control of your fueling needs

A Shared Investment Approach

With Hydrogen Drive Connection, investments are shared across multiple parties in order to provide maximum mutual benefit

* 1000 mile range estimate from Nikola Motor Company

^ 500 mile range estimate from Tesla

**2000 lb. weight advantage vs. diesel semi from Nikola Motor Company

^^Maintenance estimate from Nikola Motor Company

***15 minute refill estimate from Nikola Motor Company