Why Hydrogen?

Energy Density

Hydrogen as a transport fuel contains nearly three times the energy of gasoline or diesel by mass, and nearly 200 times that of a lithium ion battery* ^

The energy density of hydrogen will allow for fuel cell electric vehicles to travel further while weighing less, allowing additional cargo capacity

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and multiple isolation technologies exist, with more being continuously researched.  The fuel of the future need not be in short supply

Sustainable Production

Renewable energy may be used in the production of hydrogen fuel, separating hydrogen from water via electrolysis

The use of renewable energy will allow for a carbon neutral hydrogen fuel economy

Clean Operation

Only pure water is emitted through the operation of a hydrogen fuel cell

Quick Refill

A full range refill of your hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle may be obtained in a matter of minutes

Battery electric vehicles may take hours to fully charge, or can obtain a partial charge in approximately 30 minutes given the proper charger

*Specific Energy of hydrogen, gasoline, & diesel from the College of the Desert and the Department of Energy

^Specific Energy of Lithium Ion Battery from Panasonic